Episode 301: Matt Riddle is My Bro

Tony, Kevin, and Matt kick off the night with the Hardys and Drew Galloway leaving Impact Wrestling. Another installment of Meh, TNA brings out some of the really bad, but make no mistake, the wedding of Braxton Sutter and Laurel Von Ness is awesomeness personified! For the second half of the show, Matt Riddle joins the guys on the hotline to discuss his UFC career, his recent comments about Dana White, his current schedule, possible interest in WWE and returning to UFC, and so much more. There’s even an appearance by Jim Carnette, with his opinions on Beth Phoenix, Tom Phillips and his boner tweets, Mickie James and her roast beef, and much more! Visit Matt Riddle at http://kingofbros.com/. Don’t forget to listen to the Shining Wizards Live every Tuesday on www.rantemradio.com. Find the entire archive, merchandise, and more at www.shiningwizards.com.

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