Episode 337: Never Meet Your Heroes

Kevin and Matt return to Studio A with Tony. Matt comes firing out of the gate, fueled by aggravation, but spends entirely too much time on NXT for Tony’s liking. We learned all about spinal meningitis with Dr. Kevin. We also cover TLC and the return of Kurt Angle, as well as the debut of Asuka and the Finn Balor vs AJ Styles match. Plenty of other topics are peppered in, like Kane’s defeat of Finn Balor on RAW, Nia Jax taking a leave of absence, Tony’s crack pipe research, Jericho and Omega tweeting, and the Nature Boy’s 30 for 30. Oh, and there’s a bit of tribute to the Neckbreaker boys and the welcoming of Radioactive Metal to the Shining Wizards Network. We also say goodbye to the Wizard.

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