Episode 373: Tony, A Bear, And An Accountant

Tony rides solo against Matt’s wishes and desires. There’s some in-depth analysis of the decision in the case of Dr. Chris Amman vs. CM Punk and the current situation between MSG and WWE. Terrible news regarding Rockin’ Rebel and his wife, Brian Christopher arrested for trying to skip on his hotel bill, and Lio Rush gets the call to 205 Live. Bear Bronson, current CAP Champion, calls in to discuss his upcoming match at WrestlePro against Dan Maff and his title defense against Johnny Clash, as well as tons of other topics, including the great crop of new talent coming through CAP, the guys that are currently there, and more. Then the Abominable CPA joins Tony to talk about CAP’s Thy Kingdom Come show, where he and Kip Stevens defend the CAP Tag Titles against the Shook Crew. But the two talk about a myriad of other topics as well, including the Mets, Mr. Bungle and Faith No More, Columbia House Club, DiscMans and iPods, relationships, Tinder, and so much more. Tony also drops a great t-shirt idea in his lap. Plus as a special bonus we hear from Matt and Phil Raia. Enjoy!

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