Episode 515: Maestro’s Birthday Christmas.

January 11th, 2021, its the Mikko Maestro Birthday Bash

Boys are ready to celebrate and kick off the show with Kevin’s Top 5 List of Greatest Royal Rumble Eliminations that DIDN’T win the Rumble.

Someone how we get into talking about Shawn Michaels from 1997, and that leads us down an interesting rabbit hole.

We are then joined by the special guest Mr Mikko Maestro to celebrate his birthday. We catch up after some technical issues, talk some wrestling video games, a bit about his career in Finland before doing the dumb beans, it was hysterical.

After the break we open our Christmas Gifts, talk some NJPW, Goldberg, NXT, Impact Wrestling, WWE and a ton more. Plus Tony has some shocking things to say about Bruno.


Click the link and enjoy

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