Episode 559: Frightmare after Full Gear

It’s Monday Night and You Know What That Means

We are a week away from our 10 Year Anniversary Show

The Boys are back in town hot off of AEW Full Gear

Matt is super annoyed at the whole Bleacher Report situation, and takes us on a journey full of trials and tribulations.

The boys catch up before they take a deep dive into AEW Full Gear. We touch on picks, Tony extends his lead over Kevin, and Matt continues to fall further down the hole. We hit the history books to see how and why Matt is sucking at picks, and where Tony started to pull away. Once we finish that, its Full Gear for the next hour.

After our break, we come back and are joined by Frightmare. We catch up with our favorite little demon, talking about his journey, crazy moments, his relationship with Eddie Kingston and more.

After the interview we are talking MLW Alpha Fusion & Tony’s interest in the Opera Cup spoiling it for himself.

From MLW we jump into Impact, as we are on the road to Turning Point this weekend.

We hit on some news and notes from the WWE, Survivor Series, Becky Lynch & Charlotte, Ruthless Aggression & the soundboard.

Talk turns to NWA By Any Means Necessary Part 2, Ring of Honor, and NJPW Battle in the Valley, before we pull the train into the station.

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