Episode 356: Beware of the Big Dawg

Disclaimer: the reason this episode was delayed for a few days is because the original recording became corrupted. We tried for two straight days, and even enlisted the help of Nick from Orbital Jigsaw who tried his best to clean up the audio. Unfortunately, our attempts were to no avail. While it isn’t the greatest quality, we hope that you can still enjoy what is an awesome episode. Thanks for understanding and sticking with us through another wonderful technical issue.

Matt and Kevin are back in Studio B. Kevin is excited to see the WWF Monster Ring. Talk escalates quickly into wrestling figures and fantasy booking. Coliseum Video’s are on the TV, and we talk a little about Vince McMahon and other topics before diving into the week of wrestling. They talk 205 Live, NXT, Impact Wrestling, WrestlePro, the reunion of the Impact Players, Monday Night Raw, NJPW and so much more. Plus they talk to Ring of Honor superstar Rhett Titus. It’s a must listen to episode.

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