Episode 370: Daisy Chain

It’s another action-packed episode of the Shining Wizards! The boys talk about All In and which talent brought the fans to the yard, a true sellout in about a half an hour. The Roman Reigns experiment has failed and is over, at least according to Tony. Kevin and Matt believe he’s in a better place moving down to a feud with Jinder. Ronda Rousey doesn’t earn a title shot against Nia Jax, but she’s getting one anyway at Money in the Bank. Brock Lesnar is close to breaking CM Punk’s 434 day title reign, but his numbers just don’t match up. Justin Credible tweets some horrible news about his wife. AJ and Nakamura have a match to decide about another match. We are introduced to the talented Jason Saenz and his great music. There’s a little Impact, a little Japan, a little news and notes, and so much more.

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