Episode 371: Fat Nuts

The guys hit up Studio A, and the big news is lots of money. One billion dollars from FOX to the WWE for SmackDown Live rights over five years. What does this mean for the business? We analyze possibilities for the future, all while watching WWE stock skyrocket! We check in on Matt Cappotelli and Tom Magee. Tony watches Lou Thesz vs Ray Gunkel from the Sportatorium in 1951, where Thesz wins the second fall with a pioneering maneuver. Tony also watched CMLL and was pretty impressed with the action and the appearance of Caristico. Max Caster, fresh of his appearance on RAW, joins the boys to talk about his career in the ring as well as his rap career and his gender fluidity. Have you slammed your grandma lately? There’s RAW talk, there’s Impact talk, there’s podcasting talk, and so much more!!!!

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