Episode 382: Frantik Juice

The Summer Schedule continues and we give you another Monday Night Show. Kevin and Matt talk about last weeks Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesnar and a variety of other things. Including if Kurt Angle is a Top 10 WWE Superstar. We are joined on the phone line by Chikara Pro wrestler Frantik who spends about 20 minutes yelling at Matt and Kevin. He also talks about King of Trios and Professor Nicodemus, A LOT. Talk turns to more Raw, Smackdown, NXT and Impact Wrestling before JT Dunn calls in. The Juice updates the boys on everything he has going on, including his work with X Pac, Limitless Wrestling, Wrestling Has A Tomorrow, and more. He also calls out Nick Gage and Matt Tremont, and threatens to stick someone‚Äôs head up his own ass. News, notes, G1, Mae Young and more. It’s a full show and a good time. Enjoy

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