Episode 398: Thumbquacks

The boys have a few big shows (wellllllll) coming up in the next few weeks, but before we get there, it’s one more stop on the wrestling road. First there’s plenty of buildup to Survivor Series, and there’s general disappointment over the “brand supremacy” battles. It didn’t help that Becky Lynch is injured and off the show. Plus, no one really cares about Shane McMahon, although Tony thinks Stephanie is doing her best to build something. Plenty of coverage of Impact follows, along with Kevin and Matt’s adventures buying action figures at the local toy fair. Then boys were joined on the hotline by Ugly Ducklings member Rob Killjoy to talk about the upcoming WHAT show, as well as what it’s like to be a duck. Then there’s talk of the old wrestling convention Tony and Matt went to 20 years ago, which led to talk about IWCCW and the Savoldis. Plus, a crazy-long Go Home segment!

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