Episode 399: Matt’s Fantastic Birthday BASH!!!

Kevin and Tony were given the daunting task of making Matt’s birthday special… again. Of course, Matt is late to his own party, but complete with a bathroom break and his name in lights, he was ready for the night. Jazzy Gabert, Matt’s wrestling sweetheart, joined us all they way from Germany to start things off. From there, it’s an interview redemption as Matt once again speaks with Tripp Cassidy. This time, he’s quite happy with his performance. The biggest surprise of the night comes next, and after almost seven years of trying, Colt Cabana spends some time with us. He talks of his stand up career, inviting Abdullah the Butcher to Thanksgiving, and lots more. After some wrestling talk, and a few tech glitches, Mikey Whipwreck joins us to tell stories of crock pots and Jerry Lynn. The show then becomes Fantastic, as Bobby Fulton joins us to talk about tag team wrestling, the Hart Family, and how he’s still going into his 50s. Plus he does a killer Stu Hart impression. After the traditional “we tried to get” list, NWA World’s Champion Nick Aldis wraps the night with tales of Impact, being a Gladiator, how proud he is of his wife, the coming together of Ten Pounds of Gold, his matches with Cody, and so much more. Join us in wishing Matt a very Happy Birthday.

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