Episode 433: We’re Experts

The Two Man Group (TM) is back bringing you TONS of wrestling action. Kevin went to Raw and some old friends got TV time. MLW’s King of Colosseum saw the crowning of a new champion and Tony actually liked a member of CONTRA. Impact’s Slammiversary tore the house down, and Tessa and Sami was an all-around huge surprise. Matt ran away with the picks and made up some ground. The G1 Climax started and out of the gate it was amazing. A surprise watch along in the middle of the episode saw Raw from August 18, 1997, where the Undertaker and Mankind teamed up to take on Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Kevin finds out that Fritz Von Erich was, well, a bad guy. Massive coverage of the results of Round One of the Sting of the Ring tournament, picks for AEW’s Fight for the Fallen and WWE’s Extreme Rules, and so much more!

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