Episode 441: Santana and Ortiz

The boys are back together, and Tony is all full of piss and vinegar over lots of things, including the word “banger” and Jay White. There’s discussion of the history of LAX in TNA/Impact as well as debate over the more significant moment in history between the Montreal Screwjob and the Curtain Call. Oh, and there’s plenty of Jim Cornette Butterface impressions to go around as well. Then, batten down the hatches, as Santana and Ortiz, fresh off their run in Impact Wrestling as LAX, join the boys in studio. The hottest free-agents in wrestling tell stories of their experiences, from how they were brought into Impact, meeting and working with Konnan, their concrete jungle match with the OGs, working with the Lucha Bros., and so much more. Plus, Twitter “name this team” action, penis stories, Matt and his mispronounced “would you rathers,” and plenty of other stories. It’s a don’t-miss episode!

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