Episode 529: Tony Appreciation Night

Tony won the 2020 PPV Picks for the Year

So our punishment was to have a show dedicated to Tony

Matt and Kevin put together a star studded list of guests.

We do very little pro wrestling talk, we kick off with some catching up, then its some talk about WWF VHS tapes and the recent releases before our first guest joins us. After some technical difficulties J George joins us, he tells some jokes, and gets the party started. Mikko Maestro calls in to get in on the fun. We are then joined by Impact Wrestling’s Fallah Bahh to talk about Goof Troop, Muta’s mist making a lady pregnant & more. One of Tony’s favorites is next as Francis Wright join us, tin foil hat and all. He even sings Tony the purification song. We are then joined by a shirtless Tombstone Jesus, and we talk about Utah, Steak, taking off shirts, and much more. As we wind down Kate and Anthony from the Mark Order Podcast call in to wrap up the night.

Not a typical Wizards episode, but a fun one none the less.


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