Episode 567: Primetime Living

It’s Monday Night and You Know What That Means Your favorite Pro Wrestling Podcast is back & boy do we have a show for you We are joined by Primetime Living Dontae Smiley. He’s an author, a musical artist and a professional wrestler, among other things. We talk about working in AEW, being the OIWA International Champion, Sir Mo, Texas, and much more. Keep your eyes on Dontae, get to…

Episode 516: Use the Hatch

It’s Monday. You know what that means   Kevin, Matt and Tony are back, we kick off the show with the crowning of the 2020 Shining Wizards Picks Champion. Once the gloating and shit talking is done, we go over some facts from the 2020 Picks, then dive right into Impact’s Hard to Kill. We cover the card from front to back. Whats the next chapter in AEW vs Impact….