Episode 557: Parrow and the Liverpool Lip

It’s Monday and You Know what that means Your favorite weekly podcast about wrestling is back. We kick off the show with an awesome talk with Parrow. He’s one half of the Tag Team THE END, he’s gay, and he’s a force in the world of professional wrestling. We talk about the NWA, the tag team division, working for Billy Corgan, All Japan Pro Wrestling, No Peace Underground and more….

Episode 523: Barbed Wire Explosion

Fresh off the AEW Revolution PPV, we have a loaded show We first address why we don’t have a guest on the show tonight, then we do something we haven’t done in what seems like YEARS. We talk about last week’s Monday Night Raw. Tony watched the show, Matt is convinced that he will never get to face Bobby Lashley & Kevin believes Bob & Matt will one day be…

Episode 522: We Watch Wrestling with Vince Averill

We had a huge week and wrestling, and so much to talk about. We are joined by Vince Averill, Co Host of the We Watch Wrestling Podcast. We talk about his podcast, stand up comedy, Chicken Sandwiches, NJPW, WWE, NWA, Cat Buttholes  Too Much Wrestling, and a ton of other topics. He’s an awesome guest, and hosts an awesome podcast, we suggest you check it out. After Vince we follow…

Episode 520: Sammy The Bull

The boys are back with another exciting episode. They talk about the past week, Valentines Day & such before they jump into the wrestling talk. Tons to cover this week, but we have to tie up some loose ends from last week, The Hulk Hogan theme song debate and the poll on twitter. That takes us into NXT Vengeance Day and another Wizard is perfect with his picks. The boys…

Episode 516: Use the Hatch

It’s Monday. You know what that means   Kevin, Matt and Tony are back, we kick off the show with the crowning of the 2020 Shining Wizards Picks Champion. Once the gloating and shit talking is done, we go over some facts from the 2020 Picks, then dive right into Impact’s Hard to Kill. We cover the card from front to back. Whats the next chapter in AEW vs Impact….